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Thermal Rentals

How the rental works:


Rental prices are for 7 days.
Day 1 starts on the day you receive it.  
Unit must be mailed out on Day 7.
We pay shipping both ways  
There is a hold placed on your card for the amount of the unit you are renting.
Once unit is returned the hold is lifted and the rental fee is charged
If you decided to purchase the unit or a similar unit we will waive the rental fee.  

The replacement cost of any items lost, stolen, damged or broken by the renter will be added to the rental fee. 

Please call  309-781-8421 to check availability and to schedule your rental. 

Rental Units with 7 day rate:



AGM Rattler TS19-256 $100

AGM Rattler TS25-256 $100

AGM Rattler TS25-384 $200

AGM Rattler TS35-384 $200

AGM Rattler TS50-640 $300

AGM Varmint TS35-384 $250

AGM Varmint TS50-384 $250

AGM Varmint TS35-640 $300

AGM Varmint TS50-640 $300

AGM Fuzion LRF TS25-384 $150

AGM Fuzion TS35-384 $150

Bering Optics Super Yoter 25mm 640 $200

Bering Optics Super Yoter 35mm 640 $250

Bering Optics Super Yoter 50mm 640 $300

N-Vision XRF $600.00